Visit to Far-West Nepal

Frs. Juel and Boby visited Far-West Nepal at the behest of Region office when invited by the Mayor of Surkhet and Mr. Prashant, an old Xavierian respectively.  They first scouted the land shown by the Mayor outskirts of the town of Surkhet. He took them to two different places. While staying with SCN Sisters, Frs. Boby and Juel also visited a mobile clinic centre some 2.5 hours of jeep ride away. After staying two days in Surkhet, they snaked down the hills to Kohalpur. There, they met a DCP who instructed a policeman to accompany them to a Bardhia land site. After travelling through the Bardhia National Park for two hours and then exploring various dusty but motor-able roads of Tharu villages via Karnali to Bardhia, they finally stopped at a farm house of Mr Prashant. Soon after a very rural yet delicious lunch, they sprang up to see another plot of land led by his manager.