Special School: Shishu Bikas Kendra

Shishu Bikas Kendra

Shishu Bikas Kendra is a child development center.  This is a school for differently abled children.  In 1977 a Chief District Officer of Pokhara requested the Nepal Government to open a school for differently abled children.  Nepal government in turn requested the Japanese government for the same.  And the Japanese government placed this wish to the Japanese Jesuits.  The Japanese Jesuit Province sent Fr. Akijiro Ooki S.J. to Nepal in 1978. He stayed in St. Xavier’s Jawalakhel abd spent time learning Nepali for a year. He moved to Pokhara in 1979 to look into the possibilities of a school of this sort.  He received guidance from a Maryknoll Father, Fr. Adam Gudalofski, MM to start the school in a rented building.  Fr. Ooki worked hard with the help of many Japanese friends of his to establish Shishu Bikas Kendra on a firm footing.  He built up the school and the necessary infra-structure so well.  After 31 years of service in Nepal, Fr. Ooki left for Japan for good in the year 2009 at the age of 83.  In the year 2015, Fr. Akijiro Ooki left for his heavenly abode at the age of 89.  The mustard seed that Fr. Ooki has sown has now grown into a big tree.  The school actual capacity is 35 students but we have 50 students due to lots of request. The school has altogether 11 staff: 7 teaching staff and 4 non-teaching staff.  In 2018 Shishu Bikas Kendra will complete 40 years of its Glorious Past.  The local Jesuits, staff and students are ever grateful to Fr. Ooki for all that he has done to the hapless and helpless.  On May 8, 2018, the school got registered with the local Municipality.

Shishu Bikas Kendra, view from main road
Shishu Bikas Kendra, view from Jesuit house

After Fr. Akijiro Oooki left for Japan, the following fathers have been the directors of the school:

Fr. Mathew Assarikudy (2009 – 2011)

Fr. James Poovathumkal (2011 -2012)

Fr. Victor Beck (2012 – 2018)

Fr. Paul Kizhakekala C. (2018- Present)

Children doing morning exercises

Expected Total Expenses of the year 2018 is NPR. 4614044/-.

All students are on scholarship.

41 students give Rs. 1500/- each, i.e.,                                     41×1500 = 615000/-

5 students give Rs. 800/- each                                                     5×800 = 4000/-

4 Students give Rs. 500/- each                                                    4×500 = 2000/-

3 Shutter rent Rs. 8000/- each                                                     3×8000 = 24000/-

Total monthly income of the school is:                                     91500/-

Our expenditure per student per month is:                           7690/-

Total annual collection from fee (income)                             1098000/-

Total annual expenditure of the school is                            4614044/-

The deficit amount to be met by Nepal Jesuit Society annually:       3,516044/-