The Jesuits pastors take care of spiritual needs of the faithful in the three main parishes and two quasi-parishes. They provide regular sacraments to the believers, provide them spiritual nourishment through preaching word of God, giving retreats, recollections and other instructions on Catholic doctrine.  The fathers, mothers, youths, and children of parishes are guided well to live their holy life.  They are made aware of social evils existing among them and destroying them. The Jesuits there trying their best to alleviate the evils from their lives. The following are the Parishes:

St. Xavier’s Parish, Maheshpur, Jhapa: The parish here caters to eleven mass centers.  The priests working in various schools assist the parish priest. The parish covers catholic community of Deonia, Mittal, Gherabari, Jalthal, Budhkaran T.E., Haldibari, Korabari, Telgani, Bhutabari, Dhulabari, Tokla, and Sathighata. There are about fifteen hundred Catholics belonging to this parish.

St. Ignatius Parish, Baniyatar: This parish was first meant to look after the spiritual needs of Tamang community from Tipling in search of odd jobs.  It caters to the catholic community of Balaju, Baniatar, Kathmandu.  There are about three hundred Catholic believer who belong to this parish. They are divided into different zones  for sharing of their faiths and for common prayers. Read more …

St. Anna Maria Parish:  This parish is the first ever Catholic parish in Pokhara city. It was established with the inception of Fr. Ookie as a director of Shishu Bikas Kendra.  There are about 100 Catholics belonging to this Parish.  Most of the Parishioners have gone to other parish while the division of parish took place some years ago when Bishop Anthony Sharma was still living.

St. Xavier’s Quasi-parish: This parish earlier belonged to St. Xavier’s main parish.  As the villages are quite far off from the main parish, it naturally sprang into a mass center.  The number of Catholic believers keeps on increasing.  Hence took a form of quasi-parish.  It caters to the faithful of Sadakbari, Pantapara, Nayabasti, and Simbalbari.

Good Shepherd Parish: A section of Baniatar quasi- parish people returned to Tipling  and started living there. They requested if any priest is available to cater to their spiritual needs. Hence, a few priests were sent up to Tipling, Rubi Valley for the said purpose. There are about three hundred Catholic believers belonging to this parish. it caters to Catholics of Tipling main village, Labtung, and Mazzet.