Retreat Centre

Godavari Ashram: It is a place to make spiritual journey. People who want to connect with God come to this place and experience him.  Besides the spiritual elements, the Ashram premises is made available for other works too; seminars, meetings, orientation for students are some that are conducted here through out the year. It’s founding director was Fr. Leo Cachet SJ.  Then successive Region Superiors: Fr. Mathew Assarikudy, Fr. Lawrence Maniyar were the point men for booking the place in the Ashram while Sisters of different congregations: SND, CSJ, Clunys, St. Anne’s saw the daily affairs of the Ashram. In 2010, Fr. Lawrence, asked the Administrator of St. Xavier’s Godavari School to take up additional responsibility of looking after the Ashram. Since then, Fr. Juel, Fr. Arul and currently Fr. David Ekka S.J. has been the Director of the Ashram.
It also has a cemetery of former Jesuits and other women religious.

Ashram Chapel 2014
Godavari Ashram 2014
Fr. Leo Cachat, S.J.

Godavari Ashram rebuilt after the mega earthquake of 2015