With the arrival of pioneering Jesuits in 1951 AD, the birth of Nepal Jesuits began. Frs. Marshal D. Moran, Fr. Frank Murphy and Fr. Ed Saxton started the St. Xavier’s School at Godavari – Fr. Frank Murphy as the Superior and Fr. Marshal D. Moran as the Principal. In 1950 when General Mrigendra Shamsher Rana, Director of Public Education in Nepal visited Fr. Moran in Patna, he informed him that Government of Nepal invited him to open a school in Nepal. Fr. Moran had visited Kathmandu earlier in 1949 as an invigilator of examination at Tri Chandra College assigned by Patna University. With a memorandum signed between the Government of Nepal and the Xavier Educational Society Godavari, the Jesuits in Nepal started running the school. The following year, they branched out to Jawalakhel where Fr. Moran bought a piece of land to begin another school in the city. Since then the Jesuits have grown in numbers and have spread to other parts of Nepal. They first began the mission with opening of a school, some entered into research and publications of books that have contributed lot in the growth of Nepali history, society, culture and religion. They have got involved in village development programmes. What the first Jesuits began the successive Jesuits have multiplied into social works, social actions, mobile clinic, connecting the remotest villages by building roads and catering to spiritual needs of Catholics in various parishes. The legacy of pioneering Fathers goes on….!