This is the 9th year of service by Christalaya Mobile clinic in the backward villages of Jhapa. We were able to reach out to the people in the villages which are far from hospitals and medical facilities. We were able to carry out this service to the poor and needy because of the generous donations which came to us from Mr. Christopher Fussner through Nepal Jesuit Society. We acknowledge with grateful hearts and prayers this great contribution of Mr. Fussner to the people living in darkness far away from health care facilities.

Highlights of the year:

  • Visit of Fr. Boby Joseph and Social Welfare Council (SWC) Monitoring and Evaluation Team (22 May 2018):

On 22nd May Fr. Boby and two persons from SWC monitoring and evaluation team leader Mr. Prakash Khadka and Dr. Dhurba Raj Regmi from Kathmandu came for the Mobile Clinic Inspection. They arrived at 8.30 a.m. at Christalaya health center, inquired and questioned about the functioning of the Mobile clinic. They checked, questioned and photographed the patient recordcard. They visited one of the Mobile Clinic Center in Tangenduba, talked to the patients, asked them questions, checked the records, took photographs and happily left the palace.                                                                                                

  • MOU with Om Sai Pathibhara Hospital.

We reached an agreement with OM SAI PATHIBHARA HOSPITAL, Bhadrapur-7 that the doctors from this hospital will go with us to the villages twice a month.They will also render their services during the Medical Camps conducted indifferent villages. Their services will be free of cost.

  • Tipling Medical Camp: (From 12 March to 20 March.2018)

I went to help sister Jaya Mobile Clinic coordinator of Kathmandu  along with Sr. Neelu, Maria and Sanu Maya didi. It was a wonderful experience for me to reach there. I really found it very difficult but these were grace filled moments when I think of it. We were able to reach out to 700 patients in a three day camp.

  • Staff Matters.

Our Project driver Soloman Uraon who worked with us for about six year swas terminated from service with effect from 1 Baishakh 2075 due to coming for duty under the influence of alcohol. He was given warning several times before about this. However as matters became worse he had to be terminated. A new driver Mr.Prabin Basnet was appointed in his place.

Mariam Soren our para-medic was also asked to discontinue due to her constant illness which could not be cured. Miss Kanchen Ekka was appointed as Para medic in her place.

  • Complaint to the Police.

14 Asad, 2075 was a remarkable day for Christalaya Mobile Clinic. As usual, we left for the Mobile Clinic at Patapur. As soon as we reached the place we started to see the patients and give medicines. Suddenly two Policemen came on a bike and asked me who I was and who sent me here. By the time, people gathered and they said that thesesisters are coming here for the past eight years, giving us the best of medicines with very little cost and the sick get cured.  One of the Police said,” I know all these; I have seen sister conducting Medical Camps along with the doctors”. The Police asked for the documents to show that we have permission to run this mobile clinic.Unfortunately that day I did not carry the documents with me. The previous day the vehicle had gone to the garage for some repair, so I had taken the documents out and did not carry it with me the next day. Since I did not have the documents with us, the Police asked us to go to the Police station and meet the DYSP. They had got a complaint that some Indians are coming and distributing medicines. The DYSP met us and asked for the documents. I told him that within two hours I will produce the documents which are kept in the Clinic office. The Police checked all the medicines and made a list of them. All our medicines were Nepal products.

However we were asked to go to Biratnagar Medicine Verification Center with all the documents and verify the medicines again. We reached there around 9 p.m. By this time all the Fathers and Sisters of Biratnagar also arrived there. They contacted higher officers. 

One of the Officers who was present in the office at 9. P.M. checked the documents and medicines and found that everything was in order. We returned to Maheshpur by mid night.

The Jesuit Fathers and Brothers came to Kakkarvita Police Station and also to Biratnagar to support me. I am grateful to each one.