Xavier Marg “Switches sides”

A fantasy of riding a motorbike or driving an automobile by folks of Ruby Valley Wards 1 and 2 came true on July 13, 2019.  The newly constructed road by Nepal Jesuit Social Institute (NJSI) was inaugurated and handed over to the Local Government and was christened Xavier Marg.

The mega earthquake of 2015 had done lot of damages to Ruby Valley; and the NJSI had reached there to salvage its citizens.  As the Jesuits began helping the victims, they realized they could do more for those people. Fr. Joseph Pullikal (CCU) who was working in NJSI then shared his dream to Director, Fr. Roy Sebastian of having a road to Tipling. He popped up this idea that constructing a road to Tipling would ease greatly the life of people.

Fr. Roy bought the idea immediately and placed it to the governing body. He convinced the board members to buy this idea. With the positive nod from the board members, the NJSI initiated work on necessary permissions, agreements, and engineering from various levels of government. Once paper works were on table, it moved ahead with purchasing a dozer of its own. Soon the dozer was taken to Somdang phedi with a seasoned and veteran dozer operator, Mr. Pradeep Basnet. Under the close supervision and encouragement from NJSI, Pradeep began the operation of road construction.

The 27 K.M. stretched Xavier Marg construction was completed in two and half years. It is stretched from Somdang phedi to Aren village also called Kami gaun. Between these two points is Pansang Dada, a highest pass with beauty of its own with green meadows where the furry yaks take to grazing.

Local parish was planning to receive its Bishop for the first pastoral visit and for the Sacrament of confirmation for its members.  It sought to coincide the Bishops’ visit with handing over ceremony of newly constructed road to local government. Rt. Rev. Bishop Paul Simick visited the place on 13 July 2019.

In the august presence of the Bishop Paul and the Jesuit Region Superior, Fr. Amrit Rai the ceremony of passing on of the motorway began. Two Ward Chairmen of Local Village Committees graced the occasions. Mr. Pemba Ghale, one of the present Chairmen took the role of master of ceremony and welcomed the dignitaries: the Bishop, the Region Superior, Fr. Arulandam, the Superior of NJSI community, Fr. Roy Sebastian, NJSI Director, Fr. Thomas NP, NJSI financial manager, and Fr. Juel Kispotta, the Socius. Pemba thanked them for their generosity to join in the ceremony. He then read out the agreement signed earlier between NJSI and the local government. He felicitated all the dignitaries along with NJSI team with shawls. It was to show villagers’ gratitude towards NJSI and the Nepal Vicariate. Ms. Shristi Thapa from NJSI presented social audit to people gathered for the event. Rt. Rev. Bishop Paul, Fr. Amrit and Min Ghale, a Ward Chairman inaugurated the road by cutting the red ribbon.

Though the sky started drizzling, the ceremony went well. After the inauguration fathers concelebrated mass with the Bishop. The NJSI team left Tipling for Kathmandu at 11:20 a.m.