Flood in Sadakbari, Jhapa

By Vijay Toppo S.J.

Along with locals, the Jesuits in Sadakbari experienced torrential rain from Thursday eve to Friday Morning. As a result Sano Mai river which is between Jhapa market and Sadakbari got flooded. Water level rose so high that it crossed over the road that works as an embankment. Flood water reached too close for comfort to our main gate; in fact water-flow cut across the road to St. Xavier’s school.

Thank God students had finished their major portion of exams and  only Class 6  had remaining exams. All the students made to school in spite of heavy rain and increasing water level. We managed to finish exams in two sittings one after the other. After the exam with the help of volunteers and staff reached the Cl. 6 students across the river; they escorted them through the flooded road and make shift bamboo bridge to get across the river.

Though on Friday afternoon the rain stopped river was swelling up till evening. Night rain was bit less so Saturday was dry and it helped to decrease the water level. And now road is seen; bikes and tractors are plying on the damage road. However, the road is being  repaired. Our neighboring  school, Judo has become an island till today. The Bamboo Bridge which is the only connecting life line from Jhapa Bazar to our place is about to collapse. Two to Three pillars are already hanging caused by the erosion underneath. Lots of damage to the roads is appalling to see. Many places, specially in Simalbari, electric poles have fallen.