Young Jesuit Educators Training

The Nepal Region hosted the Young Jesuit Educators’ Training Programme.  It was held in Godavari Ashram from 6thto 12thof October 2018.  The were warmly welcomed by the Region Superior in the hall of St. Xavier’s School, Godavari.  The school children put khadaon each and gave them mementoes as they entered into the hall.  They showcased the various cultures of Nepal through their mesmerizing dance moves and by a brief presentation on Nepal. In the message to students Fr. Mesa told them be like a giraffe with big head and with a big heart; large mind to think big and a large heart to accommodate greater things. Fr. Amrit exhorted the delegates “we are for others and only because of others we Jesuits carry out our given mission.”  After the cultural program ended, the Jesuit delegates went to the Ashram for the training programme. Fr. Jose Mesa, Secretary for Education, Roman Curia, Fr. Sunny Jacob JEA South Asian Secretary, Fr. John Ravi PCE (Delhi), Fr. Keith Abranches (Socius to POSA) were the resource persons. They left Nepal with rich experience as ‘Global Jesuits’.