St. Xavier’s School Jawalakhel celebrates Sports and Mela

Mela and Sports Days

After a gap of two years owing to the Corona pandemic the school organized the School Mela on January 07, 2023. The credit for the success of the mela went largely to a series of plenary meetings of the Organizing Committee, which had meticulously planned and looked into every aspect of the mela. Apart from the stalls for fun games and lucky dips, which were hosted by the staff and students of the school, the Mela also accommodated several Business stalls, Eateries for the hungry, and a thrilling zip line for the young enthusiasts. Intermittently, to break the monotony among the crowd, which kept streaming throughout the day in large numbers, there were three rounds of BINGO and a musical band competition. The proceed of this mela is reserved for the education of underprivileged students. The next day, the school broke for its two weeks of winter vacation, only to regroup on January 23, 2023.  Immediately after the reopening of the school, the third cycle tests were conducted for classes 4 – 10.

On January 09, 2023, the entire Jawalakhel Jesuit community drove to Chandragiri for a day’s outing. As we went around there enjoying every bit of the hospitality accorded to us by a parent, the echo could be heard as saying, “Wow! In Nepal too, there exists a place like this”! It was indeed a memorable outing. Soon after our return from our day’s outing, Fr Samuel went for his annual retreat at Godavari Ashram. Then we had to deal with the sad demise of Fr Cap on January 15, 2023. With Cap’s departure, the Jesuit Community needed to reconcile with the deaths of two of its community members within the span of thirty-five days!  The urn of Fr Cap was laid to rest in the Columbarium at Godavari Ashram on January 18, 2023. In January, Frs Daniel and Samuel went to St Xavier’s Deonia for a meeting with the Jesuit Community there. After the meeting, Fr Samuel proceeded to Pune for a meeting while Fr Daniel returned home on January 22, 2023. Meanwhile, we had visits from Bro. Hermon’s nephew and four SSND Sisters associated with the Bandipur mission.