NJSI and its new wing ANIMA

By Fr. Roy Sebastian, S.J.

Nepal Jesuit Social Institute [NJSI] is starting the project of Remote School Education Improvement Program (as continuation of earthquake intervention moving from emergency to development.) This will also be the fore runner of Fe Y Algeria Nepal. The project has started with the selection of 20 Government schools, that are very remote in Nepal and has very poor education quality. We will introduce a smart education hub in those schools, give them a digital display and necessary connections for digital education accessories. and we will prepare high quality education materials, in subjects, and other areas of formation for the students, teachers and parents (all in Nepali language) and will give to the schools as supplementary to the government curriculum. We will monitor and train them in advanced methodology of education in rural sector.

Here the ANIMA (Adolfo Nicholas Institute for Media Activities) will be the resource development centre, where the classes will be recorded, animation and smart education PPts will be produced, and live streaming and training program will be set up, all in view of improving the education in rural sector. So ANIMA has started as a department of resource development in NJSI (the word “Institute” is used in order to get the acronym ANIMA – to give a dynamic nature to the name, though it is only a department in the NJSI).

ANIMA is the first of this kind in the whole of the diocese of Nepal, so it has already become the centre of communication activities for the whole of diocese as well.

ANIMA is equipped with necessary recording and editing equipment for both Audio and Video. This also has portability of instruments so that the recording can be done in locations other than the studio. It also has multi-channel recording facility unto 4 different inputs.