First of all we, the Little Flower Fathers, express our gratitude to Nepal Jesuit Society for the whole hearted support and guidance extended to us in the last financial year 2074-2075 in implementing the Rural Health Outreach Programmed.In the reporting year we conducted Health Programs in 1 village council in Chitwan district.  

We conduct our Health Programs concentrating on 12 Community schools in Chitwan district in which Chepang students are in sizable number. Besides these community schools, we also look after the health care aspects of two residential schools run exclusively for the Chepang students – Navodaya School and Antyodaya schools in Chitwan District. There are also a few special cases of individuals who had been helped for their treatment and health needs, after getting approval from the Jesuit Society. Children and people benefited very much from the first aid help, medical checkups and distribution of medicines.