Navjyoti Dharan

Number of staff:               2

Number of patients:    11963

Mobile Clinics are conducted weekly in the following areas.

  • Rupnagar Municipality area of Saptari District.
  • Municipality areas of Sunsari District.
  • 1 Municipality area of Dhankutta District.
  • Bimonthly Clinics
  • Kanchanpur Municipality of Saptari District.
  • 1 VDC area of Ilam District.
  • 1 Muncipality area of Morang District.


  • We provided provisions for 52 families whose houses were destroyed by fire in Sunsari District.
  • We provide medical assistance once in 2-3 months to 35 mentally challenged children residing at Hile, Dhankutta Dist .
  • Supplementary nutrition as well as other possible help is provided to 3 HIV +be patients and 6 terminally Ill cancer patients in our target area.
  • We helped to construct a house for a poor  elderly woman living alone.We also provide provisions for her when required.
  • Our field staff helped 7 elderly women and 3 widows to obtain their citizenship papers.This has enabled them to receive various  financial and other benefits from the Government. 8 Musahar families whom we assisted in obtaining Citizenship
  • papers have been able to construct brick houses with Government aid.